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Set up your doc site

Most Consensys documentation sites are built using Docusaurus, a static site generator optimized for technical documentation. See the Docusaurus documentation for general information about creating and maintaining a Docusaurus site.

This page walks you through setting up a Docusaurus site for Consensys documentation. You'll use this template repository to set up your doc repository.


Ensure you have permission in the Consensys GitHub organization to create a new repository. If you don't have permission, request it from Consensys Help Desk, which administers the GitHub organization.


  1. Go to this repository on GitHub.

  2. Select the green Use this template button, and Create a new repository.

    Use this template screenshot

  3. Fill out the details for your fork from the template. You can prefix the repo with docs- and then include your project name. For example, docs-metamask or docs-infura.

    Create new repository screenshot

    Choose Public, Internal, or Private depending on your needs. For internal repositories, any member of the Consensys GitHub organization can see your repository by default, whereas private repositories are completely hidden except to GitHub administrators of the organization.

  4. After creating the repository, navigate to the Settings page which is on the far right side of the Code tab.

  5. Ensure that the following settings are enabled/disabled on the General tab:

    • General
      • Template repository
    • Features
      • Wikis
      • Issues
      • Allow forking
      • Sponsorships
      • ❌ / ✅ Discussions
      • ❌ / ✅ Projects
    • Pull Requests
      • Allow merge commits
      • Allow squash merging
      • Allow rebase merging commits
      • ❌ / ✅ Always suggest updating pull request branches
      • Allow auto-merge
      • Automatically delete head branches
  6. Go to the Collaborators and teams under Access on the left sidebar. Select Add teams, and add protocol-pliny to add the Consensys developer docs team. Add any other teams, such as your own, as needed.

  7. Currently, it's not possible to easily use branch protection on main when using the semantic-release plugin. If you disable this, then you can enable branch protection.

You've set up your new doc site! See how to run and preview your site locally.