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Consensys documentation guide

Welcome to the Consensys documentation guide. This guide contains information about contributing to Consensys developer documentation sites and creating new documentation sites.


Each Consensys developer product has a documentation site, maintained by the Consensys developer documentation team and/or a product team. The docs use a docs-as-code approach and are mostly open source, empowering developers and community members to contribute to the docs alongside the docs team.

This guide aims to help writers, developers, product managers, and community members contribute to the existing doc sites and create new doc sites.


This guide assumes familiarity with Git, GitHub, and Markdown.

Most of the doc sites are built using the Docusaurus static site generator and hosted on Vercel.

List of documentation sites

The following table shows the full list of developer documentation sites supported by Consensys.

Doc siteGitHub repositorySite platformHosting platformDescription
Tekuconsensys/doc.tekuDocusaurusVercelMaintained by the docs team.
Hyperledger Besuhyperledger/besu-docsDocusaurusGitHub PagesMaintained by the docs team. This is a Hyperledger project and has its own Besu docs contribution guidelines.
Web3Signerconsensys/doc.web3signerDocusaurusVercelMaintained by the docs team.
MetaMaskmetamask/metamask-docsDocusaurusGitHub PagesMaintained by the docs team. This project has additional MetaMask docs contribution guidelines.
Infurainfura/docs (private)DocusaurusVercelMaintained by the docs team.
Lineaconsensys/doc.zk-evmDocusaurusVercelMaintained by the docs team.
MetaFiconsensys-vertical-apps/cx-api-docs (private)DocusaurusGitHub PagesMaintained by the docs team and the MetaFi team.
Phosphorconsensys/doc.consensys-nft (private)DocusaurusVercelMaintained by the Phosphor team.
MetaMask Fiat On-Rampconsensys/doc.metamask-onramp (private)DocusaurusVercelMaintained by the MetaMask Fiat On-Ramp team.
GoQuorumconsensys/doc.goquorumDocusaurusVercelMaintained by the docs team.
Tesseraconsensys/doc.tesseraDocusaurusVercelMaintained by the docs team.
EthSignerconsensys/doc.ethsignerDocusaurusVercelMaintained by the docs team.
gnarkconsensys/doc.gnarkDocusaurusVercelMaintained by the docs team.
Documentation guide (this site)consensys/docs-templateDocusaurusVercelMaintained by the docs team.