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Doc site repository structure

This page describes the function of each file in your new doc site, based on this repository.

📁 .github folder

Folder structure
└── workflows
├── build.yml
├── case.yml
├── lint.yml
├── pages-deploy.yaml
└── release.yaml

1 directory, 5 files

📁 workflows folder

Contains all the GitHub actions for the repository.

📄 build.yml

Action that builds the docs as they would be built in production, to check for any build errors.

📄 case.yml

Action that ensures that all Markdown files have file names which are only lower case letters, digits, dashes, or underscores.

📄 lint.yml

Action that runs npm run lint from package.json. It includes spell checking, TypeScript linting, and CSS styling.

📄 pages-deploy.yaml

Action that builds and deploys the docs to GitHub Pages when any commit is made to the main branch.

📄 release.yaml

Action that checks all recent commits made to main branch and automatically cuts a release in line with semantic versioning. This action reads the configuration in .releaserc.js in the root directory of this repository.

📁 blog folder

Contains all the Markdown and related files for the blog functionality of Docusaurus.

📁 docs folder

Contains all the Markdown and related files for the docs functionality of Docusaurus.

📁 src folder

Contains all the JSX and CSS files for the pages functionality of Docusaurus.

Folder structure
├── components
│ └── HomepageFeatures
│ ├── index.tsx
│ └── styles.module.css
├── css
│ └── custom.css
└── pages
├── index.module.css
├── index.tsx

5 directories, 6 files

📁 components folder

Contains JSX components for React.js which should live separately from the pages folder. JSX components are broken up here with .tsx extensions and accompanying scoped .modules.css. You can then import these components into files in the pages folder.

📁 css folder

Contains any non-scoped CSS files.


We recommend leaving the default custom.css file by itself in this folder and not add any other files. custom.css is the global styles file that applies to the entire doc site.

📁 pages

Pages are one-off standalone pages that don't have sidebars by default.

You can still add a Markdown page to this folder, and it will be rendered with the file name as the path. Routing is file-based for any .js and .tsx file.

📁 static folder

Contains assets that can be directly copied on build output. Usually images, stylesheets, favicons, fonts, etc.

See how to reference your static asset.

Folder structure
└── img
├── docusaurus.png
├── favicon.ico
├── logo.svg
├── logo_dark.svg
├── undraw_docusaurus_mountain.svg
├── undraw_docusaurus_react.svg
└── undraw_docusaurus_tree.svg

2 directories, 7 files

📄 .cspell.json

A spell checker configuration file used in linting to check for misspelling in all files.

Includes basic configuration with ignorePaths for paths/files which should not be checked. You can add additional dictionaries, either default supported or additional files, such as the project-words.txt file included in this repository.

📄 .editorconfig

EditorConfig is supported by most IDEs and text editors to provide consistent coding styles for projects using a configuration specification.

📄 .eslintignore

ESLint is used by this project since it contains Javascript, Typescript, and React code, and lints the code to provide a consistent style for all developers and contributors.

The .eslintignore file contains a list of directories for ESLint to ignore when linting.

📄 .eslintrc.js

Configuration for ESLint and accompanying plugins used by it to parse and lint the code.

📄 .gitignore

A file containing files and folders for Git to ignore when adding or committing.

📄 .nvmrc

Contains the Node.js version to use for this project. It requires installing nvm.

📄 .prettierrc

We recommend using Prettier to format all files. Anything not covered in .editorconfig is overridden or specified in this Prettier configuration file.

Running npm run format runs Prettier to format and save those changes.

📄 .releaserc.js

semantic-release is used to easily keep track of version changes to documentation. On push to the main branch, the release GitHub action takes all necessary commits based on their type and increments the version according to semver conventions. However, this is not strictly necessary, and you can remove this along with its accompanying action.

📄 .stylelintignore

StyleLint is used to lint CSS files. This file ignores directories which do not need to be linted.

📄 .stylelintrc.js

StyleLint configuration for linting.


Semantic Release automatically updates the CHANGELOG file with release history and commits appended to each release. You shouldn't modify this manually.

📄 api.mustache

This repository by default has the plugin docusaurus-plugin-openapi-docs installed to demonstrate how to integrate OpenAPI documentation directly into Docusaurus. The api.mustache file contains the API template for the plugin when generating the Markdown files.

📄 babel.config.js

The Babel configuration used by Docusaurus. You shouldn't modify this.

📄 docusaurus.config.js

Contains all major Docusaurus configuration which is necessary to configure its behavior.

📄 package-lock.json

Used by npm when npm install is used to lock versions and reduce differences between development environments if this isn't committed to the repository. It should not be necessary to edit this file.

📄 package.json

Used by npm and contains configuration scripts, dependencies, development dependencies, and other related dependency configurations.

📄 project-words.txt

Used by CSpell in the .cspell.json configuration file with additional project words that should not be flagged as misspelling when linting.

📄 sidebars.js

Separate .js file used by Docusaurus to provide sidebar configuration.

📄 tsconfig.json

This project uses Typescript for React. The tsconfig.json contains Typescript compiler options but isn't used in compilation of the project and is only for editor experience.