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Review contributions

To review a documentation pull request (PR):

  1. Go to the PR page.

  2. Select the Files changed tab and read through the documentation changes.

  3. View the rendered changes in the PR preview link.

  4. Evaluate the changes to the best of your ability. To approve the changes, make sure that:

    • The changes are technically accurate.
    • The changes improve your understanding of the subject.
    • The changes make sense in the context they're in.
    • You're not left with any confusion or questions about the subject of the changes.
    • The changes follow the writing style guidelines and the markdown guidelines.
  5. In the Files changed tab, hover over any line you want to comment on to the right of the line number, and select the plus sign (+). You can also drag to select multiple lines at once. Add your comment, or select the file symbol to make a specific suggestion. Select Start a review, and repeat for any other comments or suggestions.

  6. When you're done commenting, select Finish your review in the upper right corner, and select:

    • Comment if you have comments or suggestions you want the PR author to consider.
    • Approve if you think the PR is OK to merge.
    • Request changes if you require the author to make changes. Selecting this option requires you to approve the PR later before the author can merge it.
  7. Submit your review.